Satisfactory Academic Progress for Spring 2017

Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) is a requirement for all students receiving federal, state, or university assistance while enrolled at Rutgers. If you recently received an email notification regarding SAP, you may need to take further action to remain eligible for aid in the upcoming academic year.

» What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Financial aid recipients must meet both a qualitative and a quantitative standard of satisfactory academic progress to maintain eligibility for aid. In addition, students must complete the program within the maximum time-frame.

The qualitative standard is determined by the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) at a specific grade level.

The quantitative standard is based on a student’s completion rate, or the successful completion of a minimum number of credits of the total credits attempted.

» I received an email about my satisfactory academic progress. What do I need to do?

Log in at to review your satisfactory academic progress. Instructions and next steps will be listed here. You will need to complete specific documentation and contact an academic adviser in your school or program to create an academic plan.

» My grades are not finalized yet. Do I still need to get an academic plan?

Our office will check for final grades regularly and update your SAP status if needed. If you have a temporary passing grade that you believe will be finalized, you should continue to check the SAP portal for updates. Please note that if you are required to obtain an academic plan and do not, you will need to make alternative arrangements to pay your term bill.