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Spring Break Ideas

It’s spring break season again. While some of your friends opted for trips to Miami or some other warm weathered destination you opted to stay at home for one reason or another. Just because you stayed at home doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a week of boredom. Here are a few alternatives you can look…

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The Lakeview Day Camp

Job Information Job title: Counselors, Swim Instructors, Sports Coaches, Adventure Instructors Location: 505 Riva Ave, East Brunswick Description: Our current staff think Lakeview is… FUN, EVENTFUL, HOME, AMAZING, DIFFERENT, INTERESTING, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, ADVENTUROUS, INSPIRING, PLAYFUL, GREAT, POSITIVE, FANTASTIC, WELCOMING, SUPER, LIFE-CHANGING, EXCITING, COHESIVE, BONDING, UNIQUE, LIFE, MEMORABLE…if you think you want to work at a…

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