Cost of Attendance for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Estimated Cost of Attendance for Academic Year 2018-2019

NOTE: All tuition costs are estimates and not actual costs. Add tuition estimate to total for estimated cost of attendance.
1st Year
(10 months)
2nd Year
(9 months)
3rd Year
(12 months)
4th Year
(11 months)
Books & Supplies$2,841$1,191$543$257
Room & Board (maintaining own residence)$11,760$10,584$14,112$12,936
Room & Board (living with parents)$5,540$4,986$6,648$6,094
Total (maintaining own residence)$26,813$23,493$30,735$26,163
Total (living with parents)$20,593$17,895$23,271$19,321

Medicine Tuition
In-state tuitionOut of state tuition
Incoming student$40,274$62,143
Continuing student$38,740$62,143