Decorating for Dimes: Part 2

By Maniyah Goodwine

Need more ways to decorate for dimes? Be on the hunt for good deals.

Places to Shop

Amazon gives generous discounts to students. Amazon is the holy grail for students, especially because they offer a student discount on their Amazon Prime membership service. On Amazon, you can find everything from your coffee maker to tapestries and posters for your walls. The free two-day shipping is also a

IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer, is dedicated to offering cheap but trendy and modern home furnishings.

At Marshall’s, TJMaxx, Homegoods, Burlington Coat Factory, or Rossyou can find discounted name brand furniture and home goods without the designer price tag.

New Brunswick Area Stores

Check out these places near New Brunswick that are great for shopping on a budget:

Wait to Decorate

Let’s face it, maybe everything you put on your list for your new place isn’t a necessity at the moment. Do you really need that ottoman? Or that deluxe television stand and the new expensive flat screen to match? The reality of moving away from home is that you are on a tight budget, and while we’d love for our place to look like it has just come out of a Pinterest blog or a page from an IKEA catalogue, our initial budgets might not allow that. Some things can wait until you’ve become settled and have generated more of an income.

Instead, furnish as the funds become available to you versus splurging on items all at one time. Shop around for the best deals. Sometimes it may feel like a waiting game, but it will pay off in the end (literally) when you come across the deal you’ve been looking for.