Financial Aid Checklist: Fall 2018

Whether this is your first or fourth fall semester at Rutgers, you may still need to complete the financial aid process so your aid can disburse. Review the list below and make sure to complete each step that applies to you.

Submit all required forms and documents. To find out if you still need to submit a document, visit Your aid will be finalized after all documents are submitted and reviewed.

Submit the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete entrance counseling if you are a first-time federal loan borrower.

Your financial aid is based on being full-time (or at least 12 credits of enrollment). If you want to decline or reduce your federal loans, or you are only going to register as a part-time student, or are moving from on to off campus, submit a Data Change Form (DCF) by clicking on “I want to change/update this information beneath Student Status on your Award Letter. If you don’t have any changes, you don’t need to submit the form.

Complete the application process required by the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESSA) to determine your eligibility for a Tuition Aid Grant (TAG). Visit to complete and contact the HESAA to confirm status.

Confirm your attendance via the RUHere process. You will automatically be redirected to the RUHere dialog box upon logging into a website utilizing the Central Authentication Service (CAS). Please email with any questions.