Financial Aid & Your Term Bill

Wondering why the financial aid you see on your Award Letter doesn’t appear on your term bill? Read more to find out why there may be a discrepancy.

If your financial aid is not on your term bill, here’s why:

  • You have not submitted all documents our office has requested.
  • You have not completed the process to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • You will need to follow the steps to appeal for financial aid probation if you are not eligible for financial aid. Complete the form and written statement and submit to an academic adviser as soon as possible to avoid further delays.
  • You have recently transferred from one school in Rutgers to another school at Rutgers (including a change from undergraduate to graduate).
    • Until your registration is set (in late August), you will not be able to view your award on your term bill. As long as you have submitted all necessary documents, the amount on your Award Letter is accurate should not change unless you choose it adjust the amount of aid you receive. View your Award Letter here.
  • You changed your registration. For example, you were initially awarded based on full-time enrollment and have dropped courses to be half-time.

If the amount of aid on your Award Letter is different than the amount on your term bill, here’s why:

  • If you are taking Federal Direct loans (subsidized or unsubsidized), an origination fee was deducted from the full amount you were awarded before being applied to the term bill.
  • If you recently adjusted your aid amount by using the Data Change Form, it may not reflect immediately on your term bill. Please allow 24-48 hours after you make changes to your financial aid to see updates on the term bill.
  • If your financial aid counselor recently added new funding to your Award Letter, it may not immediately reflect on your term bill. Please allow 24-48 hours after changes are made to your financial aid to see updates on the term bill.


If these cases do not apply to you, and your financial aid is still missing from your term bill, contact your regional Office of Financial Aid. A financial aid counselor will review your account to determine the cause and provide next steps to resolve the issue.

For specific questions about paying the term bill, payment plans, or school fees, review the Office of Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering website.