Office of Financial Aid – Nala, Luis, & Robert

Welcome back to another exciting installment of RU Working Wednesday! Today we will be highlighting the Office of Financial Aid on the College Avenue Campus.

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing high quality service to students and families in planning for and meeting expenses associated with attendance at the university. Their focus is on establishing aid eligibility, awarding scholarships, grants, loans and employment to eligible students as well as providing financial aid counseling to students and families.

Today we had the opportunity of meeting with three of their Student Assistants, Nala Peña, Luis Morfa, and Robert Graham. These students support the full time staff by answering phone calls and working on assigned projects. In addition, they are currently training to work at the front desk to assist students and families that come into the office. Robert enjoys learning about the different aspects of financial aid, while Nala and Luis both enjoy interacting with students.

Well, that’s it for this week’s highlight! We will return next week with another exciting installment!