Office of Information Technology (OIT) Computing Labs – Michelle, Chetan, & Michael

Welcome back to another exciting installment of RU Working Wednesday! Today we will be highlighting the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Computing Labs. The OIT Computing Labs are a network of 16 computer labs located across the Rutgers campuses.

Working in the labs are a variety of student Computer Lab Consultants, who use their technical expertise to assist patrons, resolve computer issues and answer pertinent questions. In addition, they maintain the equipment and help keep the labs tidy.

Today we had the opportunity of meeting with three Computer Lab Consultants, Michelle Hayek, Chetan Kini, and Michael Sakele. The flexible hours are a benefit to Chetan, who finds it helpful when dealing with a hectic college schedule. Michelle enjoys sharing her computer skills with students who need help, as well as teaching them new computer tricks to make school work easier.

Well, that’s it for this week’s highlight! We will return next week with another exciting installment!