Withdrawal from All Courses

A student is considered enrolled at Rutgers University when they are registered for one or more courses on, or after, the first day of classes, even if they have not paid their term bill or attended class. Throughout the semester, a variety of circumstances may lead a student to consider whether they should remain enrolled. The best decision will be determined by a variety of factors: the specific circumstances impacting a student, the number of degree credits earned, the time in the semester, money paid or owed, etc.

In advance of completing the withdrawal form, it is highly recommended that you have a discussion with an academic advisor and One Stop/Financial Aid advisor to understand the options to re-enroll and the effect on course sequences, degree completion, and finances. The date in which you withdraw has important implications for financial aid, as it can impact your eligibility for financial aid in the current and future terms. An earlier withdraw date will not necessarily result in a refund if you receive financial aid.

Once registered, if you decide not to remain enrolled, you must complete the University Withdrawal Process*. The process is described below:

  1. Click the button below to complete and submit the online withdrawal form.
  2. Be prepared to state the reason(s) for withdrawing.
  3. Indicate your intention to return to the university. This does not commit you to return; however, it will help if you decide to re-enroll. For re-enrollment information, see the campus-based website information listed below.
  4. The effective date of your withdrawal is the date of submission of the form. However, please allow one to two weeks for processing. If you believe your official withdrawal date should be earlier than the date on the form, and you have documentation regarding your intent to withdraw earlier, please contact your school’s academic advising or academic Dean’s office.

    New Brunswick  https://success.rutgers.edu/success-essentials/academic-advising-policies?resource-type=44
    Newark  https://myrun.newark.rutgers.edu/covid-academic-advisement
    Camden  https://camden.rutgers.edu/academics/academic-support-advising
  5. Upon submission, the form is routed to your school’s academic advising office for review and that office may contact you to discuss your
    future with the university.  This will not change the effective date of the withdrawal.
  6. If applicable, it is recommended that you contact Financial Aid, Residence Life/Housing, Veteran Services, EOF, Rutgers Global, Honors College, Athletics, etc., to discuss the implications of your withdrawal. For contact information, and a checklist, please refer to your campus-based website listed below.
    New Brunswick: https://newbrunswick.rutgers.edu/withdrawal-checklist
    Newark: https://go.rutgers.edu/myrunsupport
    Camden: https://scarlethub.rutgers.edu/contacts/camden/
  7. The online withdrawal form is only used during an academic year (fall/spring terms). If you have summer session course withdrawal inquiries, please contact:
    New Brunswick: summer@docs.rutgers.edu
    Newark: https://go.rutgers.edu/myrunsupport
    RBS – Graduate Students: https://myrbs.business.rutgers.edu/contact-us-graduate
    Camden: summercm@camden.rutgers.edu 

*At this time, this process does not apply to Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) students. Please continue to notify your department or school of your intention to withdraw via written or electronic notice. All other students must follow the University Withdrawal Process.

Important Information

This process is for current students only. Incoming students must contact Undergraduate Admissions to decline enrollment.

Notification to an instructor, dean, advisor or school of intent to withdraw does not fulfill the student’s obligation to officially withdraw from all courses. The University Withdrawal Process outlined above must be completed.

A student who is unable to adhere to the above procedure because of illness or other sufficient reason must email universityreg@registrar.rutgers.edu for further instruction. 

Potential refunds and charges, including money owed for financial aid, are calculated based on the date the online withdrawal form is submitted by the student. For more information on refunds or charges when withdrawing from all courses, please visit the student accounting website. Any refund eligibility will be based on the date of withdrawal and the proper submission of the form.

A student who leaves the university unofficially, without following the above procedures, may receive a grade based on performance to date, or the notation of F, NC-No Credit, or U-Unsatisfactory. The student is also responsible for all financial obligations incurred.

When a student officially withdraws after the first two weeks of the term, a grade of “W” is assigned in each course. The designation of “W” is neutral and does not imply how a student was performing at the time of the withdrawal.  The “W” is recorded on the student’s permanent academic transcript. Generally, students who withdraw outside of the designated time period receive standard grades for the term. For the academic calendar in which the grade of “W” is assigned for withdrawals, please see the campus-based academic calendar.

Note: The Spring 2024 withdrawal deadline has passed. We are currently accepting Fall 2024 withdrawal forms only. If you have any questions, please email universityreg@registrar.rutgers.edu.

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