Rutgers Federal School Code

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What is a Federal School Code?

The Federal School Code (also known as a Title IV Institution Code) is a six-character code that begins with a 0 (zero), G, B, or E.  This unique code is assigned by the Department of Education to schools participating in the Title IV federal student aid programs. Students can enter these codes on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to indicate which postsecondary schools they want to receive their financial application results.

What is Rutgers' Federal School Code?
Rutgers Federal School Code is 002629.
Why do I need to know Rutgers' Federal School Code?

You will need the Rutgers' Federal School Code if you intend to apply for financial aid at Rutgers and in order to complete the FAFSA each year.

Be careful to use the correct Title IV Code on the FAFSA, because some schools have several codes to designate different programs or campuses.

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