Spring Break Ideas

It’s spring break season again. While some of your friends opted for trips to Miami or some other warm weathered destination you opted to stay at home for one reason or another. Just because you stayed at home doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a week of boredom. Here are a few alternatives you can look into.

  • Be productive. There are plenty of things you can do to eat up time while you’re home. You can start to declutter your childhood bedroom or help around the house. Your family members would likely appreciate your extra help.
  • Take up a new hobby. The regular academic school year is jam packed full of schoolwork and other things which leaves seldom time for much else. Spring break is the perfect time to start something new whether it be a new dance class or something like going to a cool museum you’ve been interested in.
  • Reconnect with old friends. Like all other breaks, now is a good time to reconnect with your friends now that you guys are all home.
  • Plan ahead. It doesn’t hurt to have a head start on your next steps. Depending on where you are in your academic career you can do some of the following.
    • Get ready for next semester. Utilizing systems like Degree Navigator and Course Schedule Planner can help you see what classes you need to take and plan accordingly.
    • Work on your resume. Use this time off to update your resume with all of your new accomplishments thus far.
    • Search for a potential internship or jobs within your field.
    • Look into grad school. If you know grad school is a possibility for you now, it won’t hurt to start researching now! Set up some grad school tours.
    • Go shopping. Restock your favorite foods in your room!
  • Find free concerts and shows. Look around your city for free concerts and shows. Even if the acts aren’t exactly your cup of tea, attending them means that you would get out the house … for free!
  • If you still aren’t content with staying at home you can always do a trip just on a smaller scale. You can stay at a local hotel or a nearby tourist attraction for a few days and unwind.
  • Spend time with your loved ones. While you’ve moved on to the next part of your life, your family and friends still miss you. Use your free time to make up for lost time/
  • Helping others in need is a meaningful way to spend your break.
  • Plan for your next trip. For whatever reason, you didn’t make it on your “big trip” this year. That just means you have extra time to plan an even better break trip for next year.
  • Catch up on sleep. After working hard all semester, we’re sure you need it.