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JLDP Job Search & Application Process

  • Access the JLDP job database.
  • Search through the database and identify which jobs you are interested in.
  • Apply to jobs directly with the employer who posted the job, carefully following the instructions in the "How to apply" or "Job Description" sections of each job posting.
  • Employers will contact students whose candidacy they are interested in pursuing.
NOTE: The SEO is not involved in screening/choosing candidates, interviewing or hiring for jobs posted in the JLDP job database.

JLDP Job Search Tips

  • The JLDP job database is updated daily. Students who are in need of part-time and seasonal employment should check the database frequently.
  • There are different job categories listed in the JLDP job database. Students are encouraged to look through many categories when searching for desirable jobs.
  • While there is a separate "ON-CAMPUS" category, there may be on-campus job listed in other categories as well.
  • Students should prepare resumes as some jobs will require students to submit resumes when applying.
  • While the SEO makes every effort to research and review all employers and positions to ensure that they are legitimate, it is always wise to use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position. We encourage all students to research the facts and reputation of each business to which they are applying.