Summer Travel Guide: Part 2

By: Maniyah Goodwine

Here are a few more tips on how to save this summer once you actually get to your destination!

Utilize your student discounts. Student discounts are often recognized throughout to globe. It doesn’t hurt to ask – you never know who may be offering a discount!

Eat local. Eating local will allow you to experience the culture. Try not to limit yourself by eating at American or chain restaurants that you are already familiar with. Eating the foods that the locals eat will allow you to embrace the new environment, not to mention the local treats may be even sweeter on your wallet.

Use credit cards that offer frequent flyer miles. If you or your parents have a credit card that allows you to accumulate frequent flyer miles as you spend, you could use the miles that have already been racked up to book your flight, or use them the next time you travel.

Apply for scholarships. Search for scholarships for students that choose to study abroad or would like to complete mission trips. These scholarships can be used to defer traveling costs or be used for spending money.

Most importantly, STICK TO THE BUDGET. The most critical aspect of your travels will be sticking to the budget! Between the planning process and when you actually get there, you must stick to your budget. Going over budget could be extremely detrimental, leaving you in a situation where you don’t have any money for the things you need.

Safe travels!