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Summer Travel Guide: Part 1

By: Maniyah Goodwine In college, summer breaks are longer than they were in high school. You might associate vacation with being expensive and unobtainable – but with the right planning, it can be simple and fun. Create a plan. The first step is developing a plan. You must choose where you are going, how you are…

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Be Financially Smart When Buying A Car

By Maniyah Goodwine If your are tired of taking the Rutgers buses and ordering Ubers and Lyfts, you might be ready to buy a car. Maybe your job, internship, or volunteer work is located quite a distance from you. There are several factors you must keep in mind. Affordability: Creating a budget beforehand is crucial…

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Financial Literacy Month

Since 2003, the United States has recognized April as Financial Literacy month. The purpose of Financial Literacy Month is to inform and educate students on the topic of financial literacy – or how money works. Financial Literacy Month is not just limited to educating students about financial options while they are in school, but helping…

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