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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Maniyah Goodwine It’s Valentine’s Day, and you haven’t planned a single thing for your partner. You’re panicking and stressed out. It’s always nice to show your partner (or even your friends) you care, but sometimes that’s hard when we’re in college between classes and pay days. Here are some last minute, budget friendly ideas…

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Dash for the Holiday Cash

By Maniyah Goodwine The holiday season has rolled by, and now you’re sitting on a nice chunk of gift money. While the new year marks the end of a season and sales are usually at an all-time high, there are better ways to manage your money. Follow these guidelines and make the most of your…

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The Holidays on a Budget

By Maniyah Goodwine That time of the year has come – the holidays have rolled in with the potential to wipe out your wallet if your are not prepared. Whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, or another holiday celebration, gift giving is usually involved. Exchanging gifts does not mean spending a majority of your money…

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