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Home Away From Home – On or Off Campus

By Maniyah Goodwine You’ve had your first taste of the real world when you started college. No curfew, no overbearing amount of rules – for most people this was the first time they got to live alone. As college progresses you may become eager to explore your other living options. Maybe you’ve outgrown the dorm…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Spending Your Refund Check

You’ve been in school for a few weeks now. You’re finally settling into a routine. You’ve unpacked, met most of your professors, and are finally adjusting to life at college. After paying off the term bill some students may receive a refund check.  Refunds consist of the money that is left over if your financial aid…

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Creating A Budget

By: Maniyah Goodwine Budgeting is a necessary skill at any financial stage. Budgeting gives us a clear overview of our spending habits and can be especially useful when looking to take on a new financial endeavor, such as moving out or buying a car. In order to live life on a budget you must first…

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