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Do’s and Don’ts of Spending Your Refund Check

You’ve been in school for a few weeks now. You’re finally settling into a routine. You’ve unpacked, met most of your professors, and are finally adjusting to life at college. After paying off the term bill some students may receive a refund check.  Refunds consist of the money that is left over if your financial aid…

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Financial Aid & Your Term Bill

Wondering why the financial aid you see on your Rutgers Financial Aid Offer Letter doesn’t appear on your term bill? Read more to find out why there may be a discrepancy. If your financial aid is not on your term bill, here’s why: You have not submitted all documents our office has requested. Check your…

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Reducing or Declining Your Federal Loans

If you want to decline or reduce the amount of federal direct loans you will receive, you need to submit a Data Change Form (DCF). Steps to complete the DCF Log in to view your award status. Under “You are required to” on the award letter, you’ll see a link for “Data Change Form (DCF).”…

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