Trick for Cheap: A Guide for Halloween on a Budget

By Maniyah Goodwine

What if I told you that the most frightening thing about Halloween wasn’t the ghouls, goblins, zombies, or ghosts, but rather the costs? Students shell out hundreds of dollars every Halloween, adding yet another expense to their already sparse budgets. Halloween doesn’t have to be a horror story in your wallet.


  • The thrift shop will be your best friend during Halloween. You will be able to find eclectic and unique pieces for just dollars.
  • Shop the rack clearance or buy your costume ahead of time. Costumes will start hitting the shelves at ridiculously low prices after Halloween. Shopping the clearance rack will guarantee a nice costume for just a fraction of the price.
  • DIY, DIY, DIY! Do it yourself costumes and projects will make Halloween less frightening on your wallet.
    • Using face paint to create your look is a guaranteed money saver. Your painted face will be the focal point of your costume. You can couple the painted face with clothes you already have in your closet. For example, if you’re going to be a zombie you can paint your face to create your look then pair it with distressed jeans and a ripped t-shirt to complete your look.

Candy and Supplies:

  • Let the dollar stores be your friend. They will have everything you need from table cloths, candy, and maybe even some elements for your costume!
  • Check your local circulars for sales on candy. The closer Halloween gets, the cheaper and cheaper the candy becomes.
  • Make your own goodies (baked goods and candy bags) rather than purchasing store made ones.

Free Stuff:

  • Check around campus for free events during the Halloween season.