Valentine’s Day 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you haven’t planned a single thing. You’re panicking and stressed out. It’s always nice to indulge in the holiday, but sometimes that’s hard when we’re in college between classes and pay days.

Here are some last minute, budget friendly ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019!

  • Treat yourself. It’s not a secret that Valentine’s Day revolves around romantic love but self love is just as equal. Take the time to indulge in a little self-care and extra kindness to yourself.
    • Have a spa day. Treat yourself to a bath bomb or invest in a few face or hair masks. Give yourself the works in the comfort of your own home.
    • Go shopping. Take some time to buy a few outfits and update your look.
    • Work out. People often forget that working out serves as a form of self-care as it does your body good and completely elevates your mood.
    • Take yourself out
    • Do nothing at all. Self-care isn’t always about pampering yourself. Sometimes taking a moment to decompress suffices. Dedicate a few hours to just unpack your feelings and relax.
  • See your city. There is nothing wrong with keeping it local. Go for a walk around your town and check out some spots you may have never seen before. At Rutgers, we have the downtown areas or nearby  You could also stop by our very own Zimmereli Art Museum on College Ave and check out the latest exhibits.
  • Skip the movie theater, grab some of your favorite snacks and have a night in. There are plenty of known and not-so-known films on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to choose from.
  • Cook together. You and your partner can cook a meal in the kitchen, or if you are competitive, set up a friendly contest to see who can make the best dessert. You’ll end up with plenty of laughs and a great meal afterwards.
  • Grab some fast food. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a quick, cheap bite and calling it a day. Many of those places offer student discounts.
  • Paint and Sip at home. Utilize the vast amount of tutorials on the internet and have your own version of a paint and sip at home. You can find a variety of art supplies for discounted rates at a variety of stores or even local dollar stores.


  • Craft from the heart. Homemade gifts can have just as much meaning as spending money on a material object. Some ideas of craft projects for your significant other could be:
    • Writing a love letter.
    • Create a scrapbook using print outs of all your favorite moments together.
    • Leaving post-it’s with inside jokes and kind things all over the house for them to find.
    • If you’re artistic, you could draw or paint something for your partner.
    • Customize a sweater or a mug.
  • Buy the basics. Get them their favorite soaps, lotions or candy. A small gesture like giving them something they use frequently shows how thoughtful and observant you are.
  • Frame it. Print your favorite photo of the two of you and put it in a frame to remind your partner of an awesome memory you have together.
  • Do an act of kindness. Take out the trash. Wash the dishes. Walk the dog. Do something to help out and brighten your partner’s mood.
  • Keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong with picking up those five-dollar heart-shaped boxes of chocolate from your local Walmart or Target!
  • Be selfless. Instead of showering each other in gifts, spread the love to those in need. Make Valentine’s day cards for patients in children’s hospitals or your local nursing homes.
  • All of these apply to the platonic relationships in your life too! These cute Valentine’s Day ideas don’t just apply to a partner. Doing any one or a combination of these things will surely brighten up someone’s day, partner or not.

Remember: you do not have to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is purely a fun holiday and not mandatory. So if it’s not your thing, that’s cool too!