What Does a Good Boss Look Like?

We often hear about what goes into being a good employee but we seldom hear the reverse. Having a good employer is key to work going smoothly. Here are some things you should be able to expect from a supervisor.

  1. Honesty. A good employer will be honest with their employees about work, performance and the direction of the company. Transparency, along with other things, is what drives a company.
  2. Communication. A good employer will communicate with their employees. They will set clear expectations with their employees. A good employer won’t just tell their employees how to get things done, but they will help employees understand why they do the job at hand.
  3. Praise. To keep spirits up, a good employer will acknowledge above average work in employees. Compliments, public recognition or a simple thank you go a long way.
  4. Willingness to be a team player. Although typically bosses have supervisory roles, a good one will jump right in if their employers need it. For a decent employer, no job is too far out of their job description. Employers should see their employees as partners.
  5. Accountability. As with all other relationships, accountability is a must. An employer should be able to hold their employees accountable and vice versa. Employees should be able to have expectations of their boss and should be able to voice concerns when those expectations haven’t been met.
  6. Cordiality. There’s the saying “if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life” for a reason. A boss who is friendly, sincere, and gracious will provide employees with an environment that allows them to be successful, while loving what they do.
  7. Equally distribution of work. An employer who provides their employees with a fair distribution of tasks is a good employer. Overworking an employee, while underworking others, is not a good employer. An employer should strive to make employees feel equal at work.
  8. Understanding. Life happens. A good employer will be willing to work with employees when situations outside of the office arise that need attention.
  9. Provides feedback. Providing feedback goes hand and hand with honesty and praise. A good boss will be direct with their employees. They will let employees know when they are and aren’t meeting expectations.
  10. Strive to see you happy even if it’s not with them. As we grow sometimes we find jobs that better suit our careers and that’s okay. Employers should help employees grow and be the best they can be.