FWSP Student Resources

All terminations of FWSP students must follow this protocol.

Before terminating any student from a FWSP job, the student’s supervisor must submit a termination request in the FWSP Online System. Both Preparers and approvers can submit termination requests. Camden supervisors who need to submit a termination request– click for instructions to register for the FWSP Online System.

To submit a termination request:

  • Vist https://fwsp.rutgers.edu
  • Click the blue “login with NetID” button and enter your NetID and password
  • Click Students on the top menu
  • Click Termination Requests
  • Click New Termination Request
  • Type the student’s name. Their RUID and department information will auto-fill
  • Be as detailed as possible when completing the next two sections
  • Indicate whether or not you have issued any written warnings to the student
  • Click submit

The SEO will review all termination requests and reach out to the staff member who submitted the request for follow-up before making a decision on whether or not the termination request will be approved. DO NOT, under any circumstances, notify the student of the termination until you receive APPROVAL from the SEO.

Please note: terminations will not be approved unless the staff member requesting permission to terminate has proof that the student has been counseled on the issues and has not shown improvement, and also has received either formal verbal and/or written warnings.  Under no circumstances can a student be terminated if they are not aware that there was an issue.

Once approval has been granted, the supervisor must send a formal email message to the student, informing the student of the termination. Supervisors are required to copy their regional SEO (see contact information below) on the termination email message. The termination email message must include the following:

  • Specific reasons for termination that clarify ways in which the student did not fulfill the responsibilities of the job.
  • Dates, times and any other information that directly supports the need for termination.
  • Instructions for the student to contact the Student Employment Office (see contact information below) to schedule an appointment for mandatory termination counseling.

Please do not suggest that the student will automatically be placed in a new FWSP job. Placement in a new FWSP job is contingent upon the outcome of the termination counseling session as well as the severity of the offense that lead to termination.

Prior to sending the termination email message, it is advisable for the supervisor to inform the student of the termination via an in-person meeting or a phone conversation. We hope to make this a learning experience for the student so explaining in detail, the ways in which the student did not fulfill the responsibilities of the job, may help the student to not make the same mistakes in the future.

For violations of the Code of Student Conduct, such as theft, forgery or any other potentially separable offense, and for violations of a signed Statement of Confidentiality, supervisors are asked to contact their regional SEO immediately.

While we understand that departments may have their own policies regarding the termination of student employees, because the FWSP is a federally-funded financial aid program, we must make sure that we are in compliance with all rules and regulations governing the program.  All FWSP terminations must follow the above protocol.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

SEO Contact Information:
New Brunswick – seo_nb@ofa.rutgers.edu
Newark – seo_nwk@ofa.rutgers.edu
Camden – seo_cmd@ofa.rutgers.edu

Sample Termination Letter

Dear <Student name>:

This letter is to inform you that you have been terminated from your position of <Student Job Title> in the <Name of Hiring Department> at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Unfortunately, you have failed to fulfill the responsibilities of your job in the following ways:

  • 9/7 – Late
  • 10/2 – Late
  • 10/3 – No Call/No Show
  • 10/4 – No Call/No Show
  • 11/1 – Late
  • 11/3 – No Call/No Show

At this time, you are required to contact The Student Employment Office, <insert the SEO email address for your region>, to schedule an appointment for mandatory termination counseling.


Supervisor name