Frequently Asked Questions

Search for commonly asked questions about financial aid, and get the answers you are looking for. Still unsure? Contact your regional Office of Financial Aid.


I received an email from Inceptia requesting personal information, is it safe to submit my documents?

Rutgers University has established a partnership with Inceptia to expedite the federal verification process. Upon being selected for verification by the U.S Department of Education, you will receive an email from, or a postcard from Inceptia, containing Rutgers University’s unique website link to create your account and start the verification process. When you receive notification, we encourage you to begin the verification process within 7 days. Parent(s)/guardian(s) of dependent students will also need to create their own account and complete the required steps. You can learn more about Inceptia on our Verification page.

I forgot my RUID number. How do I find it?

You can look up your RUID number by logging in with your Net ID at

How long will it take for Rutgers to receive my FAFSA?

The Office of Financial Aid usually receives your FAFSA seven (7) days from the time you completed the application. However, you will not receive an award notification until mid-March (for those that file before the January 15 priority deadline (NOTE: The date for the 2024-2025 FAFSA is March 15, 2024)) or two weeks after you submit the FAFSA (for those that file after the priority deadline).

I was selected for verification and I submitted all of my paperwork. How long will it take to finalize my file?

The Office of Financial Aid usually processes all documents within 10-14 days from the time received.

Do I need a separate application for a Federal Direct Loan?

You need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for a Federal Direct Loan.

Do I need to complete a separate application for a Parent or Graduate PLUS Loan?

You need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for any Federal Direct Loan, including Parent or Graduate PLUS Loans. You will also need to complete a PLUS application. Learn more about the PLUS loan process.

What forms do I need to complete to apply for financial aid?

You will only need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available online at to apply for financial aid.

You will need to submit your 2022 tax returns on the FAFSA (for the 2024-2025 academic year). 

How often do I apply for financial aid?

The FAFSA is valid for one year (July 1 through June 30), so it is necessary to reapply each year.

What is the FAFSA Title IV Code for Rutgers?


What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

Rutgers undergraduate and graduate continuing students should file the FAFSA before the priority deadline of January 15 (NOTE: The date for the 2024-2025 FAFSA is March 15, 2024). Incoming students (high school seniors) should file the FAFSA before the December 1 (NOTE: The date for the 2024-2025 FAFSA is March 15, 2024) priority deadline.

Do I have to be admitted to Rutgers before applying for financial aid?

Prospective students who apply for financial aid must also apply for admission and be accepted into a regular degree program at Rutgers University before any consideration or decision on financial aid can be made. However, you should not wait for formal acceptance to Rutgers to apply for financial aid; apply early for both financial aid and admission.

What happens if I filed the FAFSA after the priority deadline?

Filing the FAFSA by the priority deadline ensures that you will be considered for all available aid. If you file after the priority filing deadline of December 1 (NOTE: The date for the 2024-2025 FAFSA is March 15, 2024)(for incoming students) or January 15 (NOTE: The date for the 2024-2025 FAFSA is March 15, 2024)(for continuing students) and are eligible to receive financial aid, an aid package will still be constructed for you, but you may miss out on some campus-based funding.

What is the maximum family income cutoff for financial aid?

There is no specific cutoff. Each family’s financial situation is different.

What factors are considered in determining financial aid?

Variables, such as family size, income, number of family members in college, age of older parent, and asset information are included in the calculation of a student’s financial need.

What happens if there’s a change in my family’s income from last year?

If your income has changed from last year, please complete the Professional Judgment Process.

Do I need to submit copies of my family's federal tax returns to the Office of Financial Aid?

You will only be required to submit documentation if you receive a request from our office.

What do I need to do after completing my application for Federal Direct/PLUS Loans?

You must complete the Master Promissory Note and entrance counseling in order for your aid to be credited to your term bill.

How do I apply for work study?

There is no separate application required to apply for work-study. You must complete the FAFSA by the priority filing deadline and demonstrate financial need. After being notified of the work-study award, eligible students must complete a job application.

Is there aid available for summer session? How do I apply?

Yes, limited funding is available. Summer aid applications are available beginning in March.

Can part-time students receive financial aid?

Yes, however, a student must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis to be eligible to receive student loans. New Jersey grants and scholarships are generally awarded only to full-time students.

Can I receive financial aid to attend a study abroad program?

Please contact the Rutgers Center for Global Education to learn more about financial aid available to study abroad students.

Where can I find information about scholarships?
How will an outside scholarship affect my financial aid award from Rutgers?

Each recipient of federal student aid has a calculated financial need and cost of attendance, and the combination of all sources of aid cannot exceed this need and/or cost of attendance figure. It may be necessary to reduce your financial aid, especially loans, if an outside scholarship arrives after our aid offer.

What will happen to my financial aid award if I drop a course or withdraw from the university?

If your tuition is adjusted because you drop a course, it may be necessary to reduce your financial aid. If you completely withdraw from the university during the first 60 percent of the term, your financial aid eligibility must be recalculated. Dropping courses and withdrawing are academic actions which might have serious financial implications and may affect your future aid eligibility because of failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Contact your regional office to speak with a financial aid representative for more information.

Does Rutgers offer a tuition payment plan?

Yes. Visit the Student Accounting Services website for additional information.

Will my term bill reflect changes in my registration, dining, or housing?

Students will receive a postcard at the beginning semester when term bills are available to view online. If you make subsequent changes to your registration, financial aid, dining, or housing, you will not receive an adjusted bill through the mail. All changes will be reflected on your online term bill.

What action do I take if charges are missing from my term bill?

You must contact the appropriate office using the numbers provided on your term bill, or the Office of Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering. Add the charge to your existing term bill and return it to the university with the applicable payment.

When will I receive my refund if my awards are more than my semester charges?

Once your awards credit to your student account and exceed the balance due, a refund will be processed for you. You are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit in order to receive your refunds faster and safer. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, your refund check will be mailed to your permanent home address on file. For more information about the refund policy, please click here.

What do I do if my financial aid is not on my term bill?

If you receive an award letter subsequent to the date of your term bill, you may adjust your amount due by the amount of aid offered. You can also view your award online.

Can work study funds be credited to the term bill?

No. If you accept work-study funds, you work and earn those funds. You receive a check for every two-week pay period in which you work and you may earn up to the amount of listed under Federal Work Study Program on your award letter.

I have prior educational loans that need to be deferred. Who processes my forms?

Deferment forms are processed by the registrar of your respective school.