Online Resources and Forms

Students can view and update their records through the following applications:

Resource / Form Description
Address change for current students (NetID login required)
Address change for alumni/former students
Keep your permanent address current to ensure that your official mail is sent to the proper place. To change your official permanent address used by Rutgers University offices, go to:
Apply for Graduation Students seeking to be conferred for graduation may apply here
Change PAC (Student email account required) Follow this link to change your PAC code, associated with your RUID as an alternative means to access WebReg.
Duplicate Diploma Request To request an additional diploma, complete this form. If the original diploma name is different from your current name, and you want the duplicate diploma to reflect your current name, you must also submit a Change of Student Demographic Data Form.
FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) Review privacy rights with regard to student records covered under the FERPA legislation
NetID Activate your NetID which will become your key to access University services.
Request Student Transcript or Enrollment Verification Follow this link to request an official transcript or enrollment verification.
Student Directory Information Exclusion Restrict online information others can view about your student status.
RUID Information New or visiting students may learn more about the RUID number here.
View Grades and Transcripts Current students may follow this link to log in and view term grades and full transcripts.
Voter Registration Form Complete this form to register to vote in local, state, and national elections.
WebReg Follow this link to log in and register for courses for the following semester.