Student Unofficial Transcript and Grades

What are the acceptable grades that can be assigned?

Using REGIS, the online grading system, the list of valid grades appears at the top of the online roster.

When a student is listed on your online roster, but has never attended your class, the grade should be left blank.

The TZ should only be assigned when a student is unable to complete the semester’s course work due to a verifiable emergency situation. The student and faculty member should endeavor to reach an agreement as soon as possible as to how the course should be completed. The TZ will have no immediate effect on a student’s GPA, however, if the situation is not resolved within the following semester, the TZ will convert to an F, and the GPA will be recalculated accordingly.

The TF is assigned if the student does not complete the course work required, or has not taken the final exam. The TF will be calculated into the GPA immediately. If the course work is not made up within the following semester, the TF converts to an F.

How do you change a grade?

Grade changes can be made by accessing your class roster here. LOGIN with your NetID and password to enter the Electronic Grade Change System. You can either go directly to your roster and change the grade, or submit the grade change by searching for an individual student. Both options are available. If you have any questions concerning this process, please call the Registrar’s Records Department at 848-445-3260.

Students may verify their completed grade changes online at:

Students may order new transcripts online (after a grade change) through the Registrar’s Transcripts Office web site at:

How do you Submit Warnings and Grades?

It is vital that you submit both your Warning Grades and your Final Grades in a timely manner! Timely submission of your Final Grades online could be crucial in determining a student’s graduation.

The following are the warnings that can be submitted on the Warning Roster:

W1 = Warning for poor performance
W2 = Warning for poor attendance
W3 = Warning for poor performance and poor attendance